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Wholesale Fruit and Vegetables

We supply all fruit, vegetables, dairy produce, dry goods, breads, frozen goods and more to the food industry. From a hotel chain to a football club, a college to an event caterer etc, we can cater to your every whim. We like to think of ourselves now as a one stop shop. Quality, Service and Price, in that order is our mantra.

Bettaveg was set up in 2002. The owner of the business has been in the fruit and veg industry her whole life through her family's business, but decided to set up on her own in 2002. Bettaveg has been getting stronger and stronger; in fact we will be celebrating our 15th birthday in May. We aim for perfection in everything we do. We have 30 friendly, dedicated employees who are keen to help our customers and any potential new customers in any way they can. Please feel free to call our office and have a chat with any one of our team.

Meet The Team

Daisy O'Sullivan | Operations Manager | 07801256629

Daisy O'SullivanDaisy has been with Bettaveg on and off since she was 14 as she is Mandy's daughter. She has been with us full time for just over 3 years, she is outgoing and talkative so spends her time in sales, trying to get in as much new business as possible, alongside learning as much as possible about how the business runs on a day to day basis.

Georgia O'Sullivan | Accounts & Development | 0161 231 8244

Candice HaughtonGeorgia has been with the company now, on and off for 2 years after having gained a law degree and travelled extensively throughout America and then Asia. She now controls the accounts side of things as well as developing new ideas to make us stand out from the rest in our rapidly expanding business. She also deals with all our social media. Georgia is a go-getter that gets things done, as well as managing to squeeze in running her own company, ticket Vortex alongside fulfilling her roles here at Bettaveg.

Candice Haughton | General Manager | 07930262493

Candice HaughtonCandice started out doing admin duties & customer care at Bettaveg but with her bubbly personality she soon became a sales rep. Since proving herself to be fantastic at sales whilst simultaneously demonstrating excellent organisational skills, she has now worked her way up through the business to become the General Manager.