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Mona Lisa Chocolate Decorations

Chocolate Decorations: Chocolate Cups, Truffle Shells, Chocolate Pencils, Sticks and Rolls.

Chocolate cup decor
  • Coffee Cup 21mm H x 56mm Dark (312’s)
  • Mini Cup 13mm H x 45mm Dark 390’s
Chocolate tulip cup
  • Tulip Cup 65mm H 70mm Marbled 60’s
  • Victoria Cup 30mm H 65mm Dark or White 182’s
Chocolate triangle vessel
  • Marie Annette Cup 28mm H 50mm Dark 132’s
  • Triangulo Cup 61mm H 75mm Dark 60’s
Chocolate coffee cup
  • Marie Charlotte Cup 35mm H 60mm Dark 135’s
  • Coffee Cup 44mm H 51mm Dark 45’s
Chocolate butter cup
  • Butter Cup 34mm H 70mm Marbled 72’s
  • Snobinettes 26mm H 27mm Dark 270’s
Chocolate truffle shell
  • Truffle Shells, 25mm Dark or Milk Chocolate 504's
  • Truffle Shells, 25mm White Chocolate 504’s
Chocolate shaped pencil
  • Pencil Rubens, Maxi 20cm Dark 900g 120's
  • Pencil Rembrandt, Maxi 20cm Dark/White 900g 120's
Chocolate stick pencil
  • Pencil Van Gogh, Maxi 20cm Marbled 900g 120's
  • Pencil Raphael, Maxi 20cm Marbled pink/white 900g 120's
Pencil shaped chocolate
  • Pencil Picasso, Maxi 20cm Marbled White/Dark 900g 120's
  • Pencil Rubens Dark or White 10cm 900g 225/4.5cm 700g 400
Chocolate rolls white or dark
  • Rolls, 8.5cm Dark 600g (120 pieces per box)
  • Rolls, 8.5cm White 600g (120 pieces per box)
Chocolate Chocolattos sticks
  • Chocolattos 10.7cm Dark 397g (100 pieces per box)
  • Chocolattos 10.7cm White 397g (100 pieces per box)
Chocolattos for catering
  • Chocolattos 10.7cm Duo White/Dark 397g 100's
  • Chocolattos 5.6cm Duo White/Dark 575g 425's
Chocolate Jura round, square and triangle
  • Jura Round, 35mm Marbled 570’s
  • Jura Square, 40mm Marbled 360’s
  • Jura Triangle, 55 x 35mm Marbled 490’s
Chocolate shavings blossom
  • Blossoms, Dark Chocolate Decor 2.5kg
  • Blossoms, Milk Chocolate Decor 4kg
  • Blossoms, White Chocolate Decor 2.5kg
Chocolate shaped decorations
  • Super Ring 45mm H 60mm White 28’a
  • Oriental Chocolate, 39 x 35mm Dark 400’s

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