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Bettaveg now supply a range of quality fine foods and hard to find ingredients.

Italian Olives from Liguria and Trapani

Olives from Liguria and Sicily

Black Ligurian Olives and Nocellara del Belice Olives grown in the area of Trapani, Sicily.

Giusto Manetti edible gold and silver

Edible Gold & Silver

Genuine edible gold and silver products of absolute quality from Italian producer Giusto Manetti.

ChocolaTree Chocolate Decorations for catering

Chocolate Cups & Decorations

Gourmet Chocolate Decorations from renowned French designer ChocolaTree and Mona Lisa USA.

Grilled Peppers and Grilled Aubergine Slices in Oil

BROVER Antipasti Range

Sweet Pepper Drops (300 drops), Grilled Peppers in Oil and Grilled Aubergine Slices in Oil. Pack size: 850ml tin

Empty pastry cases for catering

Ready to fill Pastry Cases

The finest quality ready to fill Pastry Cases from Jean Ducourtieux, Pruve, Pidy and Cepalor. See full range.

porcini powder mushroom suppliers uk

Porcini Powder 100% Porcini

The professional chef’s essential ingredient. Made from 100% porcini (Boletus edulis) one of the most prized of edible mushrooms. Pack:130g

Italian Truffles suppliers uk

Elle Esse Italian Truffles

From the Umbrian region of Italy Elle Esse has been in the forefront of truffle products for over half a century since 1948.

Molecular gastronomy, Sosa gastronomy ingredients

Sosa Texturizer Range

Sosa is a leading Spanish manufacturer or premium ingredients for gastronomy and pastry.

Glace concentrated stock base

Remember the Past, Glace

Remember the Past is established as the premier concentrated stock base (glace). Available in 7 flavours.

Natural Fonds made from bones, herbs and vegetable

Chef 100% Natural Fonds

Made in the classic way and true to the Escoffier tradition, consisting of nothing but bones, vegetables and herbs.

High quality Jus, (juice stock).

Ariake Pro Roasted Jus

High quality Jus with a rich and intense flavour. Ready to use, just warm in a bain marie for 5-10 minutes and serve.

japanese chinese food and ingredients

Japanese & Chinese Products

Teriyake Sauce, Sanzoku Black Pepper Sauce, Black Chinese Beans, Sweet Soy Sauce, Bamboo Shoots, etc,

organic sea salt suppliers uk

Halen Mon Organic Sea Salt

Premium gourmet organic sea salt from Wales, suitable for both culinary and table use.

Italian Capers in Sea Salt

Capers in Salt

Italian Capers in Sea Salt are a little bit more expensive than regular capers in vinegar, these offer a fuller flavour. 1kg net, plastic tub (Olive Miccio)

french butter suppliers catering portions

Elle & Vine French butter

Guaranteed outstanding quality and flavour, churned butter from Normandy

olive oils truffle oils wholesale

Sardinian Olive Oils & Truffle Oils

The excellent and award winning olive oils from San Giuiliano are used worldwide by top chefs. High quality black and white truffle oils by Trivelli

dijon mustard suppliers united kingdom

Premium French Mustard

Fine character Dijon mustards in a range of sizes made by renowned French mustard makers Reine de Dijon and Andresy Confitures

balsamic vinegar catering size

San Giuliano Balsamic Vinegars

San Giuliano Modena Balsamic Vinegar. Quality Italian Balsamic Vinegar from Sardinia, 250ml or 5Ltr

Savoury Biscuits for cheese

Fudges Savoury Biscuit Assortment

A wonderful selection of Fudges top biscuits for cheese, in a catering size pack

Each pack contains approx, 300 biscuits, 50 of each of the 6 varieties shown below: Charcoal Crackers, Poppy & Sesame Biscuits, Rosemary Rounds, Oat & Harvester Flatbreads, Wheat Thins, Oat & Walnut

Chocolates and hand made truffles

Chocolate & Petits Fours Selection

Marasu’s Selection, an exquisite selection comprising of hand made truffles, chocolates & petit fours.

Ten varieties chosen to indulge all tastes. Selection varies according to what is freshly available.

Pack: 99’s

Lentils & Beluga Lentils

Le Puy Lentils & Beluga Lentils

True Puy AOC accredited lentils, grown on the mountain plateau around the French town of Le Puy en Velay. They are known for their fine flavour, delicate texture and thin skin. 500g box

The striking jet-black Beluga lentil is a great ingredient for glamorous accompaniments and inclusions in salads and soup. 500g box

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