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Italian table olives

Le Olive Miccio Italian table olives. Olives from Liguria, and the island of Sicily.

Nocellara del Belice (PDO)

Green Olives from Trapani, Italy

Green Olives grown in the area of Trapani, Sicily. Characterised by its roundness of shape, intense green colour and delicate fruity flavour. These special olives are prepared in a simple brine allowing for the enjoyment of the full flavour. Considered to be one of the best olive varieties around; they also have PDO status.

Pack: 6 kg (3.5kg ndw.) plastic tub

Black Ligurian Olives

Black Ligurian Olives from Italy

Distinctive, delicious, small and sweet, dark olives, named after the place from which it originates. A perfect table olive. The black olives are the dark variant of the fruit of the olive. Our black olives in brine are often used to prepare delicious recipes, such as a hot and spicy sauce for "Spaghetti alla puttanesca".

6kg (3,5kg ndw.) plastic tub

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