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Tart Shell pastry case

The finest quality ready to fill Pastry Cases from Jean Ducourtieux, Pruve, Pidy and Cepalor.

Sweet Canape Case
  • Jean Ducourtieux Mini Canape Case Assortment.
  • 4-6cm 480’s Savoury
Sweet cup
  • Jean Ducourtieux Mini Sweet Cup, 3.9cm 245’s
  • Jean Ducourtieux Mini Savoury Cup, 3.9cm 245’s
Mini sweet pastry tart
  • Jean Ducourtieux Mini, Sweet, 4.5cm 240’s
  • Jean Ducourtieux Mini Savoury Tart, 4.5cm 240’s
7cm Tartlette Feuilletee
  • Pidy Tartlette Feuilletee 7cm Neutral 180’s
  • Suitable for hot or cold savoury fillings.
Tart Feuilletee
  • Pidy Tart Feuilletee 8.5cm Neutral 144’s
  • Suitable for hot or cold savoury fillings.
Pidy Quiche Feuilletee
  • Pidy Quiche Feuilletee Straight/Edge 11cm Neutral
  • Suitable for cold or hot savoury fillings, especially quiches.
Pruve Sweet Straight Edge 11cm
  • Pruve Sweet, Straight Sided/Edge 11cm 96’s (Pure Butter)
  • Pruve Sweet Straight Sided/Edge, 8.5cm 144’s
Jean Ducourtieux Sweet ready to serve case
  • Jean Ducourtieux Sweet, Straight Sided/Edge 9.5cm 72’s
  • Fill with your favorite pastry cream, diplomat cream, mousse or ganache. Just decorate and serve!
ean Ducourtieux Sweet, 28cm
  • Jean Ducourtieux Sweet, 28cm 12’s
  • Jean Ducourtieux Sweet, 22cm 12’s
Jean Ducourtieux Savoury, 8.3cm
  • Jean Ducourtieux Savoury, 8.3cm 144’s
  • Jean Ducourtieux Savory, 11cm 96’s
  • Ideal for sweet and savory recipes. Can be used with recipes that require cooking or for direct use.
Jean Ducourtieux sweet tart case
  • Jean Ducourtieux Sweet, 8.5cm 144’s
  • Jean Ducourtieux Sweet, 11cm 96’s
  • Ready-to-fill, fluted miniature pastry shell made with pure butter and all-natural ingredients
Jean Ducourtieux Sweet ready to serve case
  • Cepalor Straight Sided/Edge, Neutral, 6.4cm 180’s
  • Cepalor Straight Sided/Edge, Sweet, 6.4cm 180’s
  • Cepalor Neutral 9.5cm 120’s
  • Cepalor Sweet, 9.5cm 120’s

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